DLBC Staff

Zach Zirbel, Managing Director

Zach Zirbel officially became the Managing Director at Dickey Lake Bible Camping February of 2020. Zach, his wife Natasha, and their three young sons Emet (6) Elijah (4) and Everett (2) are absolutely thrilled to be here. Zach believes this position is not only a dream fulfilled, but a culmination of grace and all his past experiences.

Zach grew up in mid-west Minnesota and Natasha in NW Montana (Troy). After graduating college with a degree in communications, Zach met Natasha in middle Tennessee at a youth ministry where they served for 5 years, eventually helping lead the mentorship program. Their focus was spiritual formation, team building/leading, and working with students in crisis. Then, for 7 years, Zach worked in places like Las Vegas and Philadelphia as a service coordinator and manager in the hospitality industry. Since then he’s held positions including Assistant Pastor, children and youth ministry, and working with adults with disabilities.

A guiding verse over the years for Zach has been Proverbs 16:9, “A man makes plans in his heart but the LORD directs his steps.” Someone said, “Life is lived forward but only understood looking back. “As we embark on this adventure with DLBC, we know how true this is, believing God’s Holy Spirit has been guiding us and DLBC, even when we didn’t understand all that was transpiring. Grace, time and experience have shaped and prepared all of us to walk in God’s purposes at DLBC today.

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