June 4 - 10



Dear DLBC Family,
Thank you for joining me in this week of prayer and fasting for the ministry of Dickey Lake Bible
Camp! You may be thinking, I understand a week of prayer for camp, but not the fasting part.
Well, fasting is a spiritual discipline that is used to deny self of normal necessities or luxuries in
order to intentionally attend to God in prayer. The ultimate goal for this time of fasting together is
for us to let go of an appetite in order to seek God on specific areas of camp each day. This
could look like giving up TV, shopping, or social media and spending that time in prayer instead
of engaging those things. Or it could look like giving up a meal and using the reminder of hunger
to pray and lean into the strength of God. The idea is strategically setting ourselves up to seek
the Lord.

I truly believe that when we empty ourselves and intentionally draw near to the Lord that He will
show up and speak to us as we align our hearts with Him. Before Jesus entered His ministry He
fasted for 40 days (see Mark 4 for the whole story). This was an opportunity that He took to
empty Himself and prepare His heart for the season of ministry ahead. I thought it only
appropriate for us to do the same as we enter this season of summer camp ministry.
Below are some suggested prayer points for the week. These are in no way exhaustive, merely
starting points. Please pray and seek the Lord as you are lead by the Holy Spirit. We will be
posting daily videos and thoughts on our Facebook page for you to check out as well. I would
like to invite you to share on Facebook or email (dickeylakebiblecamp@gmail.com) prayers or
insights that you are hearing from Jesus during the week. This is a way for us to grow and be
encouraged together as a camp family.

May you have an incredibly blessed week as we run after God’s heart and His Kingdom
development plan for Dickey Lake Bible Camp!

Amber J. Shearer
DLBC Managing Director