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(406) 882-4572

P.O. Box 11 Trego, MT 59934

P.O. Box 11, Trego, MT 59934

1075 Hidden Cove Rd., Trego, MT 59934

Parent Information

Thank you for choosing to give your child the experience of a week at Dickey Lake Bible Camp.  Be assured that we do everything we can to provide a welcome and loving environment for your child.  We hope that this will be a week where he/she grows in their relationship with Jesus Christ.



Registration starts at 1:00 PM on the opening day of camp and is typically held at the Dining Hall. The Camp Nurse will be available for you to visit with if needed and to collect all medications.  Also at registration, your child will meet his/her counselor and be assigned a cabin.

The Camp Store


The Camp Store will be open at specific times during the week of camp. We require that all campers deposit their spending money during registration so it will be kept safe for the week.  Any money not spent will be refunded on Friday before heading home.

The Camp Store has DLBC apparel, novelties, drinks, candy, and snacks. The spending limit on snacks varies for each camp.

Sending Mail


The mail is picked up and distributed during meal time daily.  Please allow at least one full week for mail to arrive at the camp.  

Letters and packages can be sent to:


(Your Child’s Name)

c/o Dickey Lake Bible Camp

PO Box 11

Trego, MT  59934


If you need to reach your child in case of an emergency you can contact the Camp Office at (406) 882-4572 and the staff will relay a message to your child.

Special Offering 


Each summer we provide an opportunity for campers to give to our Missionaries in Residence or our current camp projects. Please discuss this opportunity with your child prior to arrival.

What to Bring


   Flashlight (extra batteries)

   Sleeping bag and pillow

   Water bottle

   Bible, notebook, & pen


   Modest clothes (Be prepared for ANY type of weather)

   Sturdy, close-toed shoes


  Modest, one-piece swimsuit - Please no bikini or speedo-type swimsuits


   Insect repellant



       * soap, shampoo, deodorant,

          toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.


   Money for camp store


   Hiking boots

   Water shoes



***Be sure to label clothing and other items brought to camp, and before you leave, make sure to check the Lost and Found.  Items left at the end of the season are donated to local charities.

What NOT to Bring:


- Illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, fireworks

- bikini or speedo-type swimsuits

- Expensive items or large amounts of cash

- Electronics (MP3 player, ipod, ipad, laptop, game systems etc.)

-Sunflower seeds





Those registering for youth camps on-line should also fill out the Medical, Media, Activity Release form and provide it at check in. MMA Form



The Director reads through these forms prior to the week so that appropriate decisions can be made regarding cabin assignments, dietary needs, etc.  Your child’s safety is our number one priority and knowing any medical information before their arrival helps to prepare the nurse, counselors, and kitchen staff to better serve your child.

Cabin Assignments

Cabin assignments are made by the Program Director in advance.  If your child has a desired cabin-mate, please fill out that portion of the on-line registration form.  We do our best to create a positive and friendly environment in each cabin.

Tips to help Campers avoid homesickness and have a great week at Camp!


1. Talk with your child about his or her concerns and what he or she is looking forward to.

2. Acknowledge your child’s concerns positively. Let them know that you understand that he or she is nervous and it is okay to feel that way.  3. Resist the temptation to rescue your child due to homesickness.  Visiting camp will only make it worse.  Let your child know that you are confident that he or she can complete the entire week.

4. Avoid statements such as, “If you don’t like it, mommy will come get you right away.” The Camp staff has many years of experience with homesick campers.   They have great tools to help your child succeed in having a great week and a sense of accomplishment for staying.

5. Let your child know that the camp staff is there to help them!

6. Prepare your child for spending time away from home.  Encourage your child to ask questions about camp. Practice an overnight away from home with friends or relatives.

7. Explain why the camp asks campers to leave cell phones at home.  These are a distraction and lessen a camper’s experience of being in this ‘place apart.’

Pre-Camp Conversation Ideas (For first time campers)


1. The importance of appropriate behavior while at Camp.

2. The activities they are excited about doing at Camp; for older campers: some goals they have for the week.

3. Your confidence in them to stay the whole week, even if they are missing home and steps they can take if they are feeling homesick.

4. The importance of trying new things and sharing with their cabin group and counselor.

Sample Schedule


(There is some variation for each camp)

7:30    Wake up bell

8:15    Breakfast

9:00    Morning Worship

10:00  Activity Time or Group Building Activities

12:15  Lunch

1:00    Rest Hour

2:00    Free time

                     Waterfront and camp store  is open

5:30    Clean-up            

6:00    Supper

7:00    Evening Worship

7:45    Snack

8:00    Campfire Worship

9:00    Cabin Devotions & Night Activities for older campers

10:00  Bedtime (This time is later for older campers)

When Camp Ends


Most of our camps end at 12:00 PM on Fridays.  All luggage will be outside of your child’s cabin unless it is raining, in which case, it will be in your child’s cabin.  Also before you leave, be sure that your child receives their medication from the nurse and that any remaining money is picked up from The Market.

Directions to Camp


Traveling North on Highway 93, go approximately 35 miles northwest of Whitefish, MT.  Just past Dickey Lake turn left at the Trego turnoff. Travel ¾ mile and turn left at the Dickey Lake Bible Camp sign (Hidden Cove Rd).  Camp is about 1 mile in on the gravel road.  A map is shown on the Home page of this website.


Traveling South on Highway 93, go approximately 15 miles south of Eureka, MT.  Turn left at the Trego Rd. turnoff (not Antflat & Trego). Travel 3/4 mile, turn left at the Dickey Lake Bible Camp sign (Hidden Cove Rd).  Camp is located about 1 mile in on the gravel road.